Don’t Sleep: Belarus Producer Chaz Guapo Is Focused On Putting His Country On The Map!

Chaz Guapo

Belarus is a small country in Central Europe between Russia and Ukraine. Guapo has used social media sites like Instagram to expand his name and brand. Coming from a small country has not stopped Guapo as he has worked with artist such as Lil Baby, Gunna, Smokepurpp, Rylo Rodriguez and more. Guapo wants everyone to know that
“you can achieve whatever you want no matter what age/color or nationality you are it’s all up to you and your faith and perseverance.” Learn more about the UK producer below.

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re from ?

My is Chaz Guapo and I’m 17. I was born and now living in Minsk, Belarus. That’s central Europe between Russia and Ukraine.

What inspired you to produce?

I started my music career as a rapper but needed beats so I decided to make beats for myself and then just stuck to beat making. The most inspiring producer in the game who I look up to is Southside. I still look up to him he’s a legend no cap!

I see you have you worked with the likes of Gunna Jay Critch Rylo Rodriguez & others how did those relationships develop?

It’s all comes from the internet, I use Instagram to communicate never been to the U.S.

What is your opinion on the state of Hip-hop in your city ?

Despite the fact that the population of my city is 2 million people and it is the capital of the country, rap culture is poorly developed here. I can list rappers from Minsk literally on my fingers.

What producers/engineers besides yourself do you feel are on the rise in your city ?

Nobody lol, this is a continuation of the previous question. May be Bulba beats or Prinz Cord those my bros

If you can produce  a track for any artists, who would you pick ?

Lil Wayne for sure, been listening to him for years and it is absolutely not important that he’s not relevant now, I like his music.

Lil Wayne

Any projects or artist that you have collaborated with that may be dropping soon ?

I would tell but constantly when I tell the plans they are not accomplished lol.

Being from the Belarus, which doesn’t have a huge music scene, how does that motive you to go harder to put your country on?

It gives me motivation to be the engine of this flow in the given country. and proving that you can achieve whatever you want no matter what age/color or nationality you are it’s all up to you and your faith and perseverance.

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