Keion Watson

If you pay attention to AAU basketball, particularly in the NYC then you’ve seen a “KE Visions” logo on some of the photos. Bronx native Keion Watson is the CEO of KE Visions LLC, which is a brand that allows artists, athletes and models to receive as much exposure as possible through pictures, videos and blogs. Peak into the mind of the NYC creative below.

Can you tell us about who you are and where you’re from ?

Keion Watson, I’m 22 years old and from The Bronx, NY. 

What got you into Videography/ photography? 

My sister Avery “MsArtistry” Watson, basically put her camera into my hands around 2013. She is the CEO of MultiArtEnt. LLC she is a publicist with clients such as Andrea Rachel (Power), Derrick Jones (NFL Jets), Raja (Artist). I used to hate not being productive, so my sister would take me with her to events, shows, concerts, interviews and I would start working. I wasn’t the best editor at this time, she would show me what to do. In 2015, I was the manager for St. Ray’s basketball team, (St.Raymond High School in the Bronx) where I recorded game film. My uncle/former coach Elvis Blount, CEO of Bottomtothetophoops gave me an opportunity to use his camera and teach me how to shoot basketball videos, that’s his specialty. Following year, I decided to launch my own YouTube channel and decided to collaborate with my childhood friend, Hutch CC Saquan Singleton on a documentary about himself. Around May 2016 I was working at a Speedway Gas station & got fired within a week. After that day, I gained all motivation to start up my own company. Fall 2016, I transferred to Cerritos College in CA and I was depressed and quit my camera. I had to figure out if I really wanted to pursue this seriously. I was never confident in my work or myself. Months later my sister decided to have me shoot the Ruff Ryder’s Reunion show at the Barclays center. Shooting Swizz Beatz opened my eyes. My uncle Willie passed from cancer I came back to NY to help take care of him. Summer 2017, I transferred to Livingstone College in NC, where I took off and met Coach Dom (Team CP3), Lexie Brown, Duke Women’s Basketball & other NBA players who helped change my career forever. Fast forward, KE Visions LLC is here today, I am much more confident now I have been reposted by A list celebrities such as: Meek Mill (retweeted video twice), Chris Paul , LaLa & Carmelo Anthony.

What directors/ photographers influence you the most ? 

I’m only inspired by 3 cameramen who I know: Overtime Tae, ItsForeign & 5th Ave Native. They got some fire check their work out.

You take a lot of photos at AAU basketball games, was Ball a heavy influence in your life ? 

I started off playing baseball, quit picked up a basketball at 6, and quit playing basketball after my junior year of high school at Our Saviour Lutheran. The love for the game has not went anywhere though. My pops, Coach Kev was my coach for Dream Nation AAU alongside Asante Richards.

Carmelo Anthony & Kiyan Anthony

I see you were able to cover the celebrity all star game at York College how was that experience?

It was dope! I actually met Shiggy back in 2015 at a show at BB Kings. We was on stage lit, it’s amazing to see his growth. I also shot Casanova, Phresher, Shiggy at this club downtown recently, was surprised he even remembered me. I know his celebrity game will be bigger as time flies, this year I got a chance to shoot many celebrities such as G Herbo, DC Young Fly, Leveon Bell, Fabolous’s son, Filayyyy, FatBoy SSE etc.

Shiggy Celebrity All Star Game

Did you get to network and connect with anybody ?

Jesse Jones CEO of the Filayyyy Movement, we connected he gave me a shout out made a highlight mix from the game and he posted the mix and pics I took.

What would be your dream shoot/ video who do you see yourself working with in the future ? 

Dream shoot: NBA playoffs, All Star Weekend, Met Gala & Roc Nation Brunch. I see myself working with the Jordan Brand, Chris Paul, Carmelo & LaLa Anthony. Also Melo, LeBron & D Wade’s sons. 

What is your ultimate goal for KE Visions?

I want to be the biggest, BEST media brand EVER.

La La Anthony

If you can give a shout out to anyone right now, who would to be ?

Thank God. I prayed many nights and he’s mad everything I dreamed for possible.