Take A Trip Bucksport SC With YbMajor In “For Real”

Yb Major “For Real”

YbMajor continues to make noise for the small South Carolina town that is Bucksport (refereed to as Bucktown). “For Real” is an inspiring track that speaks on struggle and making it through poverty. The track harps on the feelings that many of the young men who call that area home feel.

“For Real” was shot by Orangeburg, SC native @jetermadeit who frequently shots for Major, the visual takes us on a trip into the trenches of Bucksport which Major calls home. Speaking on the two’s relationship, YbMajor said “I feel like we can make it to the top together so we working non-stop shooting visuals to all my songs. I’m directing my own video straight raw cut scenes nothing made up or put together. It’s really reality where I’m from on a daily.”

“For Real” is an example of the rawness that Major plans to illustrate with his music. “We all come from the same struggle but we share different mothers.” Ybmajor is fresh off releasing his “Perfect Timing” Ep which you can stream here. As we await more visuals to drop check out “For Real” below.

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