300 Lbs of Guwop Challenges Rappers In “Cappin”

Daytona Beach Florida Hip-Hop duo known as DK Guwop & 300Rez, form the group known as 300 Lbs of Guwop. The duo dropped their debut single titled “Cappin” produced by Carolina hit maker Jetsonmade.

In the “Cappin” visual DK Guwop and 300Rez dive in and reflect on how “Cap” people can be these days, whether its buying fake jewelry or fake clothes, 300 Lbs of Guwop demands to see the receipts.

Already establishing a solid fan base in Florida, 300 Lbs can frequently be heard on Florida airwaves. “Cappin” isn’t 300Lbs and Jetsonmade’s first time collaborating either. A few years back 300 Lbs of Guwop and Jetson linked up for “Teefus”, the track is an ode to the popularity of rocking gold grills which is a staple in Florida’s Hip-Hop community.

There is no news on when 300 Lbs of Guwop will be dropping a new project, however we have “Cappin” to hold us over. Check out the visual below.

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