View A Day In Larry June’s Life In “Mission Bay” Visual

Many have heard the term “lifestyle rap” but may not have a full understanding of what that actually is. I introduce to you Bay area’s own Larry June, the 28 year old California is one of the best in that sub genre of rap.

Earlier this month Larry June released his latest mix tape “Out The Trunk”, one of the standout tracks from the project was “Mission Bay”. Featuring a beautiful jazzy sound, Larry was able to effortlessly able to drop free game all while doing some humble flexing.

In the Girlsovetrey directed cut, we get a peek into Larry June’s life vlog style. Larry kicks it with his son, smokes with his close friends and rides around town in a clean Mercedes AMG. Out The Trunk is one of this month’s sleeper projects, and Mission Bay is arguably the best song off the project it’s only right LJ gave the track the visual treatment.

Check out the visual above.

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