CYN’s Niko Brim Is Back With A New Single “No Breaks” Featuring Booka Banks

Niko Brim, a gifted story-teller and lyricist, just released a new single, “No Breaks” and encourages listeners to hustle hard in order to achieve success.

Niko Brim’s undeniable lyricism and wordplay has captured the attention of many and he’s only getting better! That growth can be seen in the latest single “No Breaks” featuring Booka Banks. The CoalCash produced track aims to have listeners ready to take on their dreams with hard work and vigor.

Niko Brim has been releasing well crafted tracks at lightning speed as of late and “No Breaks” is no exception. He once again uses his keen ability to tell a story to create a piece of work that is necessary for his fan-base.

This track acknowledges the necessity of hard work and discipline which is a follow that has lead to Brim’s success. Brim recounts his hustle and grind which lead to the inspiration to create this track.

“No breaks to me is about taking NO BREAKS!! This year I really turned it up with how much I was working on and where I was taking my music and my career.” Niko Brim explains. “This song embodies that energy, it’s hard, its loud, it’s unapologetic. My brother Booka and I set the tone with this one.”

Niko Brim ON “NO BREAKS”

Listeners can enjoy this track across all streaming platforms. Check out “No Breaks” above.

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