NeeJay Sherman Releases Her Book “Broken To Peace” At Luxurious Willamsburg Loft.

NeeJay Sherman At Her Book Release In Brooklyn

Neejay Sherman is most notably known for her relationship with the Kardashian family. The former pageant Queen and ex television personality is ready to share her life story to the world in her debut written piece, “Broken To Peace” .

The 23-year-old Published Author, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur is also the CEO/Founder of Broken to Peace, a consultancy firm that focuses on helping women find their peace and prioritize their self-care, health, and wellness. 

On December, 14, 2019 Neejay debuted her first tell all book to a distinguished group of invitees during the “Broken To Peace” Birthday Extravaganza & Launch Event. The luxurious event took place at Brooklyn’s historic Williamsburg Loft.

Guests were treated to special curated cocktails, light bites,and access to exclusive merch.

Neejay shares her story to the world in hopes that it will inspire young women and men around the world. Guests were treated to special curated cocktails, light bites,and access to exclusive merch. “Broken To Peace” is a memoir that touches on both high and lows of growing up in an unstable house-hold. 

“Love Can be healing. Loss of love can feel like it rips us open. But that is a gift that puts us in a position to look and heal even deeper. So i accept that heartbreak. Is inevitable”


During the event Neejay shared personal stories about her mother battling with cancer and persevering through those challenges to graduate college.

Neejay received her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Merchandising and Event Planning from LIM, a private school in Midtown Manhattan that’s focused on the business of fashion. 

She has interned for reputable companies like Elle Magazine and DASH Boutique. She has been featured on popular reality TV shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and DASH Doll.

Broken To Peace is available for pre sale online through major book retailer Barnes and Noble as well Amazon & Kindle.

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