Fayetteville North Carolina’s The Floss God Drops Hype Visual For “Everybody”

With 100,000 plays on a snippet alone, (ask Playboi Carti how important a snippet can be) Fayetteville’s The Floss God has shown that fans vibe with his music and are anticipating his next drop.

The 22 year old North Carolina rapper wasn’t even taking music seriously just until December of 2019. Inspired by acts such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Sauce Walka, & Diddy, “Flossi” founded Guap Team Entertainment focusing on Management, Marketing and branding of new emerging artist.

To start off his career, The Floss God releases a visual for the trunk rattling track “Everybody”.

The quote “Don’t put nothing past nobody” is brought to life in the video. With the assistance of one of his ladies, The Floss God was effortlessly able to hit a lick.

All to run out of the house that they just robbed and be shot by the girl who helped him conspire it.

Packed with lots of guns, drugs and some dope visual effects, the “Everybody” visual matches the energy of the track.

Check it out above.

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