PG County’s Slater The Genius Encourages Artist To Stay True Themselves In “The Cleanse” Visual

Born Emanuel Velasquez, Slater The Genius is a a rapper, singer & songwriter from PG County Maryland. Slayer vegans taking rap seriously in High school, when him and his friends would record on his laptop and the T-Pain app.

Slater became dedicated to his craft, building an in home studio and writing 5 songs a day. His big break came in 2018 when he dropped a series of thought provoking music videos.

One of those visuals being, “The Cleanse”. The video became viral in the DMV and increased Slayters fan base allowing him to collab with some of the areas top producers.

In the Chris Hernandez directed visual, Slayter provides a powerful message to be yourself, in a world full of followers.

Check out the video above and be sure to follow Slater The Genius on Instagram.

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