Bronx Rapper For Peets Sake Pays Homage To Hip-Hop’s Original Sound In “Ever Wrote”

Hip-Hop as a genre continues to evolve daily. The way Hip-Hop music is made in todays age is completely different than the music our parents listened to, and to be honest it’s even different than the music most millennials even came up listening to (95/96 should be counted as millennials).

Although there has been a rapid change in the sound of Hip-Hop, there are still artist like The Bronx’s For Peets Sake, who grew up listening to the likes of Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, G-Unit and more inspiring their passion for Hip Hop.

Peets decides to reminisce on a somewhat forgotten era of rap in the Elvis Perez directed visual for “Ever Wrote”

Peets also edited the video

If you’re a fan of lyricism you’ll enjoy this track and visual. Be sure to stream “Ever Wrote” on all streaming platforms here

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