Virginia Artist Sækyi Drops First Single Of The New Year “REM”

Woodbridge Virginia native Sækyi stepped onto the scene in the summer of 2019 with the release of two singles “Cake” and “SpeakEasy“. Sækyis wordplay, beautifully produced content and uniqueness instantly turned heads.

Ready to break into new heights in 2020 and give his listeners the opportunity to learn more about him, he released his first single of the year in “REM” featuring BKA Trip & DieBeforeKilled.

“REM” is a nostalgic ballad allows the listeners to peek within the true lives of Sækyi & BKA Trip. From Sækyi’s struggle to balance music and life to BKA Trips raw conversation with his mother the track digs deeps in both artists lives.

“REM sleep” is often associated with very vivid dreams due to the increase in brain activity, with Sækyi’s harmonies on the hook, he plans on leading the listener to a dreamlike “REM .” sleep state.

Check out REM above.

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