DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK: Dr Dre’s “The Chronic” Resurfaces on Tidal

By: Jayee

After years of being digitally unobtainable, one of Hip Hop’s founding fathers, Dr. Dre has finally granted Tidal access to his very first studio album of 1992, “The Chronic“. This a very iconic day in history as we  witness two powerful black men join forces for another round. Although from different coasts, their stories are still the same, defying adversity and propelling themselves into a level of stardom that no one saw coming. They laid the bricks and pioneered the shift in hip hop from culture to enterprise.

Kendrick Lamar once noted: “They said we couldn’t start business outside of hip hop…These are three individuals who showed us how” referencing Jay – Z , Diddy and Dr.Dre.

To digitally premier his album on Jay-Z’s own music streaming platform is nothing short of incredible. Thus, driving yet another shift within the culture and showing generations to come, that 3 kings can coexist in the same industry if not more.

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