AZ Gives NYC History Lesson On New Track “Found my Niche” Ahead Of “Doe Or Die 2” Project

Since his introduction to fans on Nas’s “Life’s A Bitch” from 1994’s “Illmatic“, AZ has been considered one of the games best lyricist. The Brooklyn rappers calm demeanor and smooth laid back flow has made him a fan favorite and one of the greats in NYC Hip-Hop.

Although AZ is what newer generations would consider an “old head”, he is still putting in work and releasing new content for his core fans and younger people who value real substance and lyricism.

With new project “Doe or Die 2” in the works, AZ drops off “Found My Niche” a preview of what we can expect to hear on the album.

It’s been 10 years since we last got an album from AZ but the album “is just what the doctor ordered” AZ told Complex.

“With the help of Pete Rock, Bink, Buckwild, Heatmakerz, Rockwilder, Baby Paul, Rick Ross, T-Pain and a few others, I’m going to deliver an entree like no other, with “Found My Niche” being the appetizer.”

AZ on new single “Found My Niche” & New Album “Doe Or Die 2”

Doe Or Die 2 will be released this summer, as for now check out AZ’s latest track below.

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