80Empire Remembers ‘93 With Nostalgic Record “Take It Back” Featuring Kxng Crooked, RX & Nicole Monea

Multi Platinum singing, songwriter & producing brothers 80Empire return to our page with a new track “Take It Back” featuring Kxng Crooked, RX & Nicole Monea.

Take it back, ( 93 ) is a musical throw back and dedication to the iconic Hip Hop music that came out in 1993. ” Growing up we were heavily influenced by Funk music and the West Coast Hip Hop sound, so we thought it only fitting to get some of our favorite MCs from the West on this joint, “ explains Luke.

Luke and Adrian spent most of their teenage years going to Homestead Florida just 35 minutes south of Miami. The brothers recall the excitement they felt every time they walked into Spec’s music on US 1 and Campbell drive, buying a boat load of cassette tapes and singles, later graduating to cds. ” There was a euphoric feeling of touching the music you bought, they had headphones in Specs so you could listen to music right in the shop, looking at the art work and physically rummaging through aisles to find hidden gems, this made us feel mad inspired and free”, Adrian claims. ” One of the last memories we have of Specs before they closed down entirely was in the late 90s.” The brothers recall buying a KING magazine. Leila Arcieri was on the cover and there was at least a 5 page article dedicated to the new Deathrow Records, which included a page on Crooked I. So this song is a full circle, nostalgic surge of westcoast ride music that will make you feel like cruisin’ the strip and melancholy all at the same time.

Check out “Take It Back” below.


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