NBA WNBA & MLB Players Take A Stand By Postponing Play Until Further Notice. Bringing Attention To The Jacob Blake Shooting

Over this past weekend, a video went viral of Jacob Blake being shot by the Kenosha, Wisconsin police department. The video is so graphic that for days I refused to watch it. The shooting immediately sparked an uprising of the citizens of Kenosha.

Days have passed since the shooting, but it is still fresh on our minds. NBA players and coaches in particular have been vocal about the social injustices that have occurred this year and they take it a step further by cancelling NBA Playoff games until further notice.

The move sparked the rest of the league to follow up and cancel the remainder of today’s playoff games.

Today’s stance to not play comes four years after Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the first time.

Although we have seen players voice their opinions via social media and even go as far as to kneel and turn their jerseys inside out, this is the first time we’ve ever seen it done in games that hold as much importance as an NBA Playoff game.

Joining the NBA in postponing of the games is the MLB’s Milwaukee Brewer’s who postponed tonight’s games with the Cincinnati Reds.

The WNBA originally decided to play tonight, however they came to an agreement to cancel tonight’s games. The players did arrive to the arena wearing shirts spelling out Jacob Blake’s name with 7 bullet holes in the back.

NBA Champion and NBA on TNT’s Kenny Smith also decided to take off tonight in support of the players and the movement.

I am proud of the NBA, ,MLB and WNBA players for taking such a stance and hopefully they will set an example for other athletes and prominent figures to take a stance.

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