Gios4ma Blends Hip-Hop And Electronic Sounds To Create His Own Wave

Gios4ma is a producer and rapper from Jackson, MS, who is making experimental Hip-Hop & Electronic music. His debut album, 2019’s “OCTOPI_,” explores his eclectic style with high-energy raps alongside MFnMelo on “FUCKEM12x,” bold socio-political lyrics on “THERVLTION,” and brutally honest, introspective bars on “THE END.” He also showcases his versatility with unique, techno-inspired production throughout the album. Gios4ma continues to grow and expand his sound as he looks towards his next album.

While Gios4ma is most known for his Hip-Hop work alongside artists like IsaiahG, Mastad0n, Fluseph, RobIsRoyal, and Jeph Early, he has also branched into electronic music on his quarantine-inspired mixtape “Dance In Yo House N****” and into jazz with his EP “cocoloco.”

Check out “Cocoloco” below

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