Call Me Ace Releases Bar Heavy Inspirational New Single “Work Like That”

A new year has begun and one common goal for many has been to let go of the past and look for other avenues of creating success. Billboard charting Hip-Hop artist Call Me Ace has released a new single titled “ Work Like That,” filled with raw bars of the life to be had when you really put in the work, just like that.

The song kicks off with hollow piano keys sounding as if they are leaving a distorted record player, with Ace’s raw lyrics flowing seamlessly over the track. The melody is a creation in its own right and was co-produced by J-Dot. “Work Like That,” disperses the artist’s gems of fulfilling his life motto of “living a rich life instead of a life full of riches.”

Ace doesn’t “want to force you to love him or think of him…” but his thought-provoking lyrics and mellow flow make the actions inevitable. 3 minutes of a true story of how the glamour and shiny lights do not come overnight and the track address the misconception. Ace draws listeners into the struggle and the hustle that goes into what outsiders view as an overnight success, creating a lyrical vibe to change listener’s outlook on success and motivate them to work like that.

“Work Like That,” is the perfect lead into Call Me Ace’s forthcoming album “Out of Office,” which will hit streaming platforms February 2021. This will precede his debut album “Airplane Mode,” which hit #3 on iTunes Top 40 Hip-Hop Album chart and #50 on Billboard’s RnB and Hip-Hop Album Sales Chart. As a solidified independent and Billboard charting artist, the road was not always glamorous. Ace uses his real experiences and organic melodies to paint a vocal canvas of the beauty that lies within the grind to success.

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