Young Sunny Boy Puts All of His Emotions Into the Music With the Release of His Debut EP “Partly Sunny”

Leaving the hardships in 2020, Young Sunny Boy is stepping into his full potential as an artist with the release of his debut EP “Partly Sunny.” Young Sunny Boy dives into topics such as heartbreak, wanting someone who might not want you back, and past relationships. As a whole, “Partly Sunny” speaks to listeners from all backgrounds as it relates to the difficulties that come with love.

The North Carolina rapper took the opportunity to show his listeners that rappers and artists go through heartbreak just like everyone else. In records such as “Scarred”, YSB shares his battle with understanding that heartbreaks do not discriminate.

“With Partly Sunny, I’m showing my versatility and painting real life pictures. This project is more relatable to EVERYONE. Everyone goes through pain, everyone loves somebody, everyone needs love: gangsta’s need love too.

Young Sunny Boy

Listeners can stream Young Sunny Boy’s “Partly Sunny” EP across all streaming platforms HERE.

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