Bronx New York Artist For Peets Sake Returns With New Single “1989 Toyota”

In the age of “Drill” music in NYC Hip-Hop, it takes a deeper look to find emerging artist who don’t make that style of music. Bronx, New York artist For Peets Sake is one of the emerging acts to not make drill music. Peets sound and style reminds you of NYC of the past. However, that is not to imply that Peets music is outdated.

Peet harps on current day topics and what goes on his life, storytelling is his strength. That can be seen on his latest record “1989 Toyota“. The track is dedicated to Peets late father.

1989 Toyota is dedicated to my late father who passed away in April 2020. The songs is about the love he had for his car and some of the memories I have in it. His license plate read FPS which is also the initials to my name, For Peets Sake. So in a way I feel like I was always connected to him and that car. 1989 Toyota talks about his appreciation for the small things in life and him valuing the things that he has

For Peets Sake on 1989 Toyota

Stream “1989 Toyota” at your preferred DSP HERE.

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