Since the release of his first single, “I’m Good” in 2020, Remey Williams is beginning his transition into 2021 on a high note with the release of his new single “Real Love Ain’t Safe”. Remey Williams has never been one to shy away from vulnerable topics. His vulnerability and ingenuity in his records is what continues to set Remey apart from other R&B and soulful artists.

‘Real Love Ain’t Safe’ is a mixture of old and new styles of R&B that listeners can relate to that takes them on a journey full of nostalgia and opens their ears to a new wave of R&B that is Remey Williams. Williams’ understanding that real love is about taking risks, opening up your heart, and allowing oneself to be accessible to true love.

You give me your heart and mine in exchange it’s a risk to take real love ain’t safe, Remey Williams reminds his listeners that; to be loved is to allow both partners to exchange their hearts to fully be captivated by their souls. Love is something that every person experiences but real love now that is rare to come by.  It’s hard to love all of someone when they’re afraid to give you all of them. We all have flaws, some parts of us lack confidence. That’s the part I want to know. That’s the part I want to fall in love with. That’s what makes you. It is a risk to give that person that side of you but if it’s a person I want to spend my forever with, let’s go all the way. No 50/50 keep it 100!” – Remey Williams on his idea of real love 

Stream the visual above.

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