SoundCloud Announces They’re Paying Artist More With “Fan-Powered Royalties”

SoundCloud introduced “fan-powered royalties”— a fairer and more transparent way for artists to earn money on SoundCloud. Under this game-changing model, SoundCloud is leveling the playing field for independent artists and allowing fans’ dedicated listenership to directly support the artists they love.

With fan-powered royalties, money made from listeners goes directly to the artists they listen to. This equitable payout model is what independent artists across the industry have been asking for, and as an artist-first platform, SoundCloud is excited to be the first music company to roll it out.

Fan-powered royalties go into effect April 1, 2021 for Pro Unlimited subscribers in the Premier monetization program and Repost by SoundCloud artists, including those in Repost Select. Learn how it all works here.

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