Memphis Artist King JBoi Is In His Own Lane In “Crossed Over” Visual

Emerging Memphis artist King JBoi began to make a buzz in his city in 2019. After having made a name for himself in the streets of Memphis, where he was born and raised, he used his real life experiences to influence his passion for the art of rap and hip hop music.

JBoi is already in a different lane than most artist due to his Business acumen. He founded an organization by the name of L.i.E (Loyalty is Everything) in 2006, and later founded King JBoi INC in 2020. King JBoi also has various businesses and a 501c3 nonprofit for disadvantaged athletes in the urban communities.

His latest single “Crossed Over” illustrates his transition. Produced by King JBoi’s in-house producer, Kenk, the track speaks on JBoi’s upbringing in the streets to transitioning to a respected businessman.

“Crossed Over” is featured on JBoi’s “Suburban Music” album which came after one of the hardest years of his life. The video and song provides a sense of hope and set of life lessons.

Check out the visual below.

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