New York Artist JUFU Drops Visuals for His Single “KIWMB”

JUFU on set for the KIWMB music video. Photo provided by Elevate PR Group

Brooklyn Tik Tok star and rapper JUFU dropped a music video for his latest single “KIWMB,” which stands for “Kickin’ It With My Bros.” This single follows the release of his 2020 EP, Get Used to Me.

KIWMB” is a bubbly, melodic rap song in which JUFU sings about relationship trouble, mainly how he feels trapped in an overbearing relationship which leads him to escape the tension by hanging out with his friends. He and his partner always end up fighting so now he feels that they have to stop dating.

The performance features JUFU with his friends playing basketball, walking through a New York neighborhood and dancing in a parking garage.

You can check out the music video HERE

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